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On Demand CE
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 On Demand Classes

Maximizing CBCT Technology in Today’s Practice
Presenter: Dr. Bobby Birdi
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 5/10/20
  Upon completion of this CE webinar, the participant will understand:
• The immediate benefits of implementing CBCT technology in your practice
• Clinical applications of CBCT technology in various aspects of care
• The power of CBCT technology in patient and professional communication as well as workflow
• How CBCT technology will allow you to enter the digital workflow

CBCT: Is Now The Right Time For Your Practice
Presenter: Dr. Daniel Klauer
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 5/6/20
  In this CE webinar, the participant will review:
• 2D vs 3D scans, differences
• Benefits of 3D technology
• Factors in selecting CBCT (resolution, FOV, IQ, scan time, s/w, integrations, fit into practice)
• Examples of usage: Endo, perio, implant, ortho, oral, pedo, TMD, Sleep, etc
• Considerations for elderly, children, pedo (sitting vs. standing)
• Merging data sets DCM and STL
• Limitations of Cone Beam (no carries etc)
• Radiation Concerns

Think 3D: How to Read a CBCT Scan
Presenter: Dr. Katya Archambault
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 4/22/20
  During this CE webinar, we will cover
• The physics and principles of modern Cone Beam Computed Tomography and it’s application in patient diagnosis
• 3D Multiplanar reconstructions. Reformatting CBCT scan volumes based on diagnostic task. Axial, coronal and sagittal views are used to scroll through the volume with Invivo 6/Anatomage
• The 3D anatomy - various anatomic structures of the oral and maxillofacial area and their common radiological appearance using intraoral, extraoral, and cone beam CT images
• How to evaluate the 3D data and pertinent anatomical structures
• The most common lesions encountered in the maxillofacial area - visualize soft tissue and osseous abnormalities in CBCT
• Applications of CBCT in a general dental practice - Endodontics, Implant dentistry, Impacted teeth extractions, Sleep Apnea, TMJ, and more

Learn Why Orthodontists Can't Treat 40% of their Patients Properly with 2D Radiographs
Presenter: Dr. Robert Kaspers
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 1/18/18
  Dr. Bob Kaspers will show how a CBCT scan can help orthodontists diagnose their patients more accurately than with 2D radiographs. He will also show the clinician the importance of addressing the vertical dimension to enable the patient to achieve a seated condylar position at the end of orthodontic treatment. If you want to make your referring dentists happy, you will want to learn this technique.

Top 5 Procedures Benefiting from Electric Handpieces
Presenter: Dr. Lou Graham
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/21/17
  In the ever-changing world of dentistry, the ”handpiece” has been one of the constants for generations of dentists. This CE webinar will update the attendee as to why electric hand-pieces will continue to emerge as the mainstay in our practices, allowing clinicians to advance their clinical care in superior manners. Beyond the far lower pitch, the virtues of electrics will be presented in a variety of clinical formats that are far more pertinent today than in years past.

Success with Surgical Guides
Presenter: Dr. Douglas Chenin
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 8/9/17
  In this CE webinar, Dr. Douglas Chenin will introduce the various surgical guide types and classify them according to the available "levels of control" that surgical guides can offer, and the associated instruments needed for these various capabilities. He will also discuss surgical-guide digital-workflow considerations and surgical guide protocols. It will also explore the associated digital CAD/CAM capabilities and advanced options that can be used in conjunction with guided technologies. This CE webinar is perfect for anybody interested in using surgical guides, either on their own or to facilitate case planning and collaboration with colleagues.
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